You might be one of those homeowners who takes a lot of care of their carpet with spot treating all stains that happens and weekly vacuuming. Unfortunately, even if you maintain your carpet regularly, it still will not last forever. Just like any material, your carpet will wear down and you will have to replace it.  

Thus, how can a homeowner tell when he or she should replace the carpet? Today, we are going to help you. If you notice the signs mentioned below, you should immediately call a professional carpet cleaning Kingston company and let them install a new one. 

Old Carpet 

As we have mentioned earlier, your carpet does not last forever, just like any other materials. Even if you take great care of it, it will still experience wear and tear. Almost every carpet manufacturer recommends replacing your carpet every 10 years.  

Typically, the carpet fibers begin losing their tuft and their texture and the signs will show on the major walkways after 10 years. It may be time to get rid of your old carpet if you find yourself cleaning your carpet a lot of times and still not get the results you desire. Indications of old carpet include lack of padding support, wrinkles, ripples, matting, fading, and color loss.  

Worn-Out Padding 

The padding of your carpet offers a level of resilience and cushion. This is the reason why your carpet is comfortable to sit and walk on. In addition to that, it also offers insulation for the floor and a noise buffer. In general, wear and tear will basically lower the performance of your carpet padding over time. There is actually no other option once it is worn out. All you’ve got to do is to replace your carpet. 

It is a pretty excellent sign that your padding may be on its final leg if you begin noticing a crinkling sound under your feet when you walk, unevenness, or wrinkles on particular parts of the carpet.  

Permanent Stains 

Typically, the stain-resistant finish treatment of your current carpet will fade away over time. This leaves your carpet prone to elements that can cause stains. It isn’t always in the budget to contact a professional carpet cleaning company every time your carpet experiences a pet accident or spilled drinks. Therefore, most homeowners spot treat their carpets at home. A couple of spots can become permanent stains. This is particularly true if it isn’t treated immediately or if the homeowner utilized harmful chemicals.  


One of the first indications that your carpet requires replacement is if the pile starts to stay matted down in areas that receive a lot of traffic. This is particularly true for carpets that are made of polyester fibers. There’s not a lot of things you can do to fix it once the pile starts to lay down because of heavy wear and tear. Even if you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, you might not still be able to restore the condition of your carpet.