It’s kind of a big deal whenever you hire a wedding photographer. You have to ensure that the photographer will capture the precious moments. Aside from that, they have to ensure the photos will be high-quality. So, how will you know you’re employing an excellent photographer if you’ve got no idea about photography?  

Don’t worry, we are going to talk about several signs of a terrible photography services Cheyenne, WY. 

Awkward Posing 

Have you ever seen wedding or engagement pictures where there are a lot of unflattering, weird, or awkward poses? Unfortunately, there are a couple of photographers that simply do not know camera placement and body positioning to flatter individuals. Whenever you’re looking at the portfolio of a photographer, you’ve got to ensure that you pay attention to the facial expressions and body position of every person in the photo. It is the job of the photographer to ensure their clients look great in the photos.  

They Apply Trendy Filters 

Keep in mind that this one is simply an opinion. If a photographer uses a lot of filters, it does not mean that he/she is bad. However, you’ve got to remember that even if filters might be trendy today, it may look bad at some point. There are a place and time for trends. However, you should not include it in your wedding pictures. You’ve got to ensure that they’re able to stand the test of time.  

Photos are Too Out of Focus or Blurry 

First of all, there is a thing in photography called “bokeh”. This is a technique used by professional photographers where they blur the foreground or the background purposely to pop the subjects. It’s certainly great. However, a photographer might end up blurring the faces of the subject, especially if they have not mastered the aperture settings. Of course, you don’t want that, right?  

A professional photographer should be able to change their settings easily from details shot to large group settings to portraiture settings. This will help make every photo focus on the right subjects. You’ve got to ensure you look at the portfolio of the photographer to see if the focus in their photos is the subject.  

Overexposed Photos 

Perhaps this is the biggest sign you have to look out for. Of course, there’s a trend to have extremely light photos. It can be an ethereal and beautiful look when done correctly. However, most of the time, photographers do it wrong. Here are a couple of indications that you have to look out to know if the photographer overexposed the photos. 

  • The sky is totally washed out and has no definition. 
  • Any clothes that are white are extremely bright that you cannot see any detail. This is particularly true when it comes to your wedding dress. Typically, your dress will have elegant beading and lace. You won’t notice it if the photo is overexposed.  
  • Skin tones are extremely bright and are totally washed out. Of course, people want to add some luminescence. However, if it’s too much, it will make individuals look sickly and dull.